CDRW mainscreen01



Feb 02Edit

CDRW mainscreen02
  • Joined tankcolle panzer waltz
  • Got SU-8 Mocha Meretskova. Orange background good ?

Feb 12Edit

  • Panzer 38(t) Ausf. D from forge! I can't believe that ! (currently waiting base upgrade to 10 for map 11)
CDRW mainscreen03

Feb 21Edit

Guess who she is ?

Feb 26Edit

CDRW mainscreen04
You think you can build it right after Lv12 HQ... nope, pay 850k to upgrade the vault first !

Feb 28Edit

Refactor UI 01 Refactor UI 02 CDRW mainscreen05

CDRW mainscreen06

CDRW mainscreen07 CDRW mainscreen08

First refactor build, a N3 Gold Matilda CS, a Medium big with good protection and evasion but her camouflage is a little bit high for a team T (meatshield). Is that one step closer to pure medium armor team ?

Can't find her in R&D, maybe we can get more hidden girls in English version from refactor ? As a N3 gold, maybe i will see her a lot from refactor...

Mar 01Edit

CDRW mainscreen09CDRW mainscreen10CDRW mainscreen11

The N3 unit with N5 strength ! All hail IS-2 ! Maybe i can reach lv50 today...

Mar 24Edit

CDRW mainscreen12

I though i ran our of luck... good chance for another all 130 build today ! Best ass in PW GET !

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