I'm blok-notes, I'm an electronicien and I live in swizerland, I have a passion for model making, tanks, helicopters, planes, warships..(military stuff only ;)). I also have a passion for model rail way, I'm trying to build an entire village with it, it should be over in 2 years^^.when I was seventeen, I discover a totally new passion, animates! Since, that day, I'm always searching for some new,(I have a preference for "girls with gun" and "yuri",^^),I also play a lot video games like world of warship, war thunder (I was also playing battlefield 3 but my computer is too old now ;(), visual novel too,and some over fps games, I like reading books about spying, action, adventure, manga (of course), I like action movies, James bond, chocolate, my computer (lol), all about warship history and military vehicles.

(if you are searching for yuri stuff, feel free to send me message, I have an entire collection of animes, VN and website dedicated to this^^)

(I m also a player of kantai collection, panzer waltz and girls front-line)

if you are interested in models, here is my website where I post all pictures of it

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