• Hi.

    I was looking for tanks to farm in the various zones, and started jotting down some notes, so that I can get the golden girs I like, then thought "this could be handy for the wiki".

    So, I went to the Zones page and found it rather plain and formatless, so here's my proposal for that section (of course, I'd get to making the edits, not jut toss the idea and leave it for someone else):

    1.- Splitting the three zones into their own pages.

    2.- Using the current Zones page as a "landing" page with an explanation of zones, its mechanics and general info.

    3.- Creating a Story Zones page with detailed info, including tanks and equient that can be earned and costs in Fuel.

    4.- Creating an Event Zones page with all information about Event, regarding prizes, costs and terrains, moved there.

    5.- Checking if we have another in-depth Clash page and crosrefferencing/melding both pages, or maybe creating a new Zones Clash page.

    6.- Eventually add flair like images and fancy formatting so that it all looks preetier.

    So, I wanted to ask for permission to begin the overhaul before breaking stuff (^.^)

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