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For example :

  • Found some mistake or have question about page content. You can also post in page's comment or pinned "Ask your question here!" forum thread.
  • Want to rebuild a page, and look for opinion from others first.
  • Report misbehavior or any problem on this wiki that need admin's attention.

Please post in the comment section below.

Current WIP pages :

  • Metal maidens : (list here, incomplete or non-exist pages)
    • Incomplete :
    • Red links :
  • Refactor - Current page redirected to game guide. Maybe a standalone page with LSC timer is good like the one in another wiki.
  • Final decision for Ammunition page's table format. (please post your idea in comment section)

Start a Discussion Discussions about Suggestion

  • [Suggestion]Template:Attributes

    6 messages
    • Engine effect 3 and Chassis effect 4 went missing, perhaps when the template was updated.
    • Woops, fixed it now. I think any maidens with 4 chassis effects should still have them showing, so no need for editing.
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